Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the most important jobs nowadays in every industry. Competition in the 21st century is characterized as competition between supply chains rather than competition between individual companies.

The Pure Health Supply Chain Management focuses on the strategic planning, design, operations, transportation, logistics and improvement of all activities involved in the procurement and delivery of goods and services.

We at Pure Health use best practices to effectively manage our Global Supply Chain and some of the key elements are mentioned below:

  • Increase inventory velocity
  • Implement lean logistics / supply chain management
  • Improve supplier performance
  • Compress cycle time
  • Maximize inventory yield
  • Utilize meaningful metrics
  • Segment the supply chain
  • Employ supply chain technology

Processing orders, whether they are replenishments or new orders, must always be delivered complete, accurate and in time. This must be done consistently as reliability is a hallmark of best-in-class supply chain and this is in-line with our Vision of Empowering Healthcare.