Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management

In today’s world of value-based care, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Revenue Management solutions and services are a fundamental component of the prospering system to reduce revenue leakages and improve profitability.

Pure Health offers a robust revenue cycle management system with integrated end-to-end solutions coupled with data analytics and strategic insights that ensure performance improvement and sustained financial efficiency. This end-to-end solution ensure your organization is in adherence to the local billing laws and establishes a two-way communication portal between providers and payers.

The revenue cycle management system begins at the start of a claim, as in patient registration or insurance eligibility.

Next claim submission ensures a charge entry, medical coding, and timely claim submissions. Claims management is the next step in revenue cycle management where payments are posted, appeals, medical coding services, and denial management are handled efficiently.

A/R management focuses on the patients by performing A/R follow up, patient collections and patient statements. The last step in revenue cycle management is analytics which involves your accounts receivable, claim denial, and procedure cost.

Without the ability to manage administrative functions such as processing, payment and revenue generation organizations cannot treat patients efficiently. At Pure Health, we focus on the front end task to help your claims move through our revenue cycle management. We have created ways to effectively manage claim denials in order to resolve any issues when it comes to reimbursing a patient.

Technological advancements have helped streamline patient health history, in the same way, technology has helped streamline claims as they travel through the revenue claim lifecycle.

Revenue cycle optimization is improving how you manage your revenue by focusing on improving your organization stations.

Revenue cycle metrics are very important performance indicators for your company. Reviewing these metrics can aid in the better allocation of time and money for your organization.