National Unified Medical Record (Riayati Program)

National Unified Medical Record (Riayati Program)

The leadership of the United Arab Emirates has laid down the initiative and directive to create the National Unified Medical Record (Riayati Program) for every citizen and resident of the UAE in line with its Vision 2021.

Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has signed contract with Pure Health to build the entire infrastructure for, and to manage and operate the Riayati program. Pure Health will be responsible for working with all relevant UAE Government entities, as well as the private sector, to connect every hospital, clinic, pharmacy and patient medical record on a centralized database system across the country.

Some of the key features of this project that Pure Health will bring are:

  • A single, longitudinal patient record across the entire UAE healthcare system
  • Centralized data and analytics for the UAE population
  • Nationwide Population Health Management initiative countrywide
  • Population engagement and community-based care delivery
  • Standard clinical programs
  • Clinical research and performance improvement programs
  • Establishing new regulations & guidelines and providing experience, for both the patient and the care team driving the Healthcare Eco-System for the entire UAE